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Plaza Indonesia’s Fashion Week: bringing back the glamour with a new app

  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Mobile Development

Fashioning a dedicated app for a bolder Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week experience.

Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week is an annual event that showcases the latest trends in fashion. After a hiatus of four years due to the pandemic, Plaza Indonesia revived the event this year. To enhance the overall experience for attendees and smoothen the event process, Plaza Indonesia sought to develop a dedicated app.

The key objective was to provide users with easy access to all information related to the event, including details about designers, event schedule, seating arrangements, and the ability to register and book tickets seamlessly.


Seamless yet luxurious experience, all integrated into one platform.

The primary challenge was to design an app that reflects Plaza Indonesia’s luxurious persona while maintaining simplicity and elegance. The design needed to align with Plaza Indonesia’s image as one of the most prestigious malls in Jakarta.

Plaza Indonesia also required two vendors, one to create tickets and another to validate them, adding a layer of complexity to the app’s functionality. This necessitated seamless integration with external ticketing systems and the implementation of robust validation processes to ensure a smooth and secure ticketing experience for users.

The app also needed to provide a seamless user journey, from browsing events to booking tickets and accessing the venue, all while maintaining Plaza Indonesia’s high standards of customer service and user experience.


A digital companion that matched the sophistication and prestige of the event itself.

To meet Plaza Indonesia’s needs, we designed a clean, sophisticated app interface that reflects its luxury image. Our approach focused on simplicity and elegance, with intuitive navigation and modern layouts. We carefully selected bold, vibrant images to enhance the app’s appeal, aligning with Plaza Indonesia’s fashion events.

Moreover, one of the unique challenges we faced was integrating ticket creation and ticket scanning features into a single app. We collaborated closely with Plaza Indonesia to understand their requirements and developed a custom solution that seamlessly integrated both functionalities.

By developing a user-centric app that combines functionality with aesthetic, we successfully met Plaza Indonesia’s objectives and contributed to the success of Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week. The app provided attendees with a seamless and memorable fashion experience, reinforcing the Plaza Indonesia’s position as one of Jakarta’s premier fashion destinations.