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Enhancing Blibli's online presence with resonant values.

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Transforming corporate site into dynamic information hub.

In the heart of Indonesia’s bustling e-commerce arena, one name stood as a pioneer and a beacon of innovation: Blibli. In 2021, they embarked on a new chapter in their digital journey.

Blibli reached out to us with a vision, one that extended beyond merely enhancing their online presence. Their ambition was twofold: to cater not only to their loyal customers but also to beckon potential partners and investors into their fold by transforming their corporate website into a dynamic information hub.


A complex puzzle with information scattered across disjointed microsites.

Blibli’s existing corporate website, despite its potential, was a fragmented puzzle. Valuable information was scattered across a web of microsites and standalone pages presenting a disjointed narrative that did little justice to their brand.

The website’s architecture was akin to navigating a labyrinth, making it a Herculean task for visitors to access the desired information efficiently. With a business ethos deeply rooted in customer-centricity and a commitment to excellence, Blibli’s online platform needed a significant transformation to mirror their core values.


Crafting a cohesive brilliance that echoed Blibli's values.

Our journey with Blibli began by unraveling the intricacies of their brand identity. We wove a modern web design that not only conveyed the essence of Blibli but also served as a window to their unique qualities and values. With meticulous precision, we engineered a streamlined information architecture, ensuring that every piece of content found its rightful place.

The new design aimed to not just inform but to leave an indelible impression on potential investors and partners. Blibli’s corporate site had evolved from a chaotic maze of content into an elegant showcase of their commitment to customer-centricity and excellence. The website now stood as a unified and engaging platform, welcoming investors and partners to a dynamic space that mirrored Blibli’s unparalleled qualities.