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Crafting a digital presence for the next-gen bank.

  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Quality & Security Assurance
  • Web Development

Redefining the digital banking experience for gig economy in Indonesia.

In the dynamic landscape of Indonesia’s digital banking sector, Bank Saqu emerged as a collaborative effort between Bank Jasa Jakarta and Astra Financial. The mission is to redefine the banking experience, particularly for the gig economy in Indonesia, by crafting a lively and trustworthy website. The brand turned to Antikode to translate this vision into an innovative and user-centric digital platform.


Creating a distinctive digital presence that caters user needs.

As the digital banking sector flourished, it became imperative for us to enhance our approach and provide Bank Saqu with a distinctive design. This went beyond just improving user experience, it also extended to refining the user interface. The main challenge revolved around creating a digital presence that not only stood out, but also addressed the unique needs of gig workers. The solution involved a play of colors, combining 3D and 2D elements to provide a fresh touch.


Cross collaboration regarding technicalities side.

The project’s technical intricacies were divided among multiple teams, requiring extensive collaboration between Antikode and Bank Jasa Jakarta. The main challenges centered around effective communication and aligning perspectives, particularly during technical discussions. Language also proved to be a major barrier when interacting with the tech team, causing communication hurdles to arise.

The technical challenges included ensuring a shared understanding when encountering coding obstacles or errors. Proposed solutions from us often required exploration and time due to misalignment with the working methods of the tech teams at Bank Jasa Jakarta.


Redefining the digital banking experience for gig economy in Indonesia.

Our approach centered on seamlessly blending 3D and 2D design elements to infuse fun and vibrancy into Bank Saqu’s digital platform. This endeavor was not merely about visual aesthetics but also creating a user experience that resonated with the modern digital landscape.

Remaining flexible, we adapted swiftly to project changes, ensuring the design aligned with Bank Saqu’s evolving vision. Additionally, when implementing proposed solutions, an emphasis was placed on accommodating the working methods of Bank Jasa Jakarta. Clear communication facilitated real-time adjustments, resulting in a website that exceeded both project goals and user expectations.