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Revamping AXIS's loyalty program to resonate with their target audience.

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The need of the transformative approach to the AXIS’s loyalty program.

AXISNet stands as the official app of AXIS, offering users a gateway to seamless connectivity and digital experiences. At the heart of this platform lies Alifetime, a loyalty program designed to reward users with bonus internet data in exchange for their engagement.

However, a significant challenge emerged; the disconnect between the loyalty program’s tier names and AXIS’s vibrant brand image. As a brand targeting Gen Z, AXIS prides itself on being innovative, youthful, and focused on connectivity. Yet, the tier names–like Newbie, Junior, Intermediate, Master, and Senior–didn’t quite capture the essence of this demographic.

The mismatch between posed a considerable barrier to engaging Gen Z users effectively and fostering long-term brand loyalty. In response, a transformative approach to the Alifetime loyalty program was essential. It needed to bridge this gap and enhance AXIS’s brand recognition within its target.


Facing challenges with unrelatable and generic tiered loyalty programs.

The primary challenge faced by AXISNet was the lack of uniqueness and relatability in their loyalty program tiers. The existing tier names failed to resonate with the target audience, making it difficult to attract and retain users. Additionally, the program needed a revamp to align with AXIS’s brand image and values.


A user-centric approach to transform AXIS’s loyalty program.

We adopted a user-centric approach to create a more relatable loyalty program accessible to all user types. Leveraging insights into user relationship with AXIS, we devised a new tier system reflecting customers’ connection with the brand.

The new tier names—Kenalan, Temenan, Deketan, Jadian, Soulmate, and True Love—were inspired by relationship statuses. Users progress through tiers by accumulating coins, with higher tiers offering greater rewards.

The revamped loyalty branding seamlessly integrated with AXISNet’s requirement for tier progression, which is duration of the user’s relationship with AXIS. This approach ensured that users could easily understand and engage with the loyalty program while reinforcing their connection with the brand.

As a result of these changes, the revamped loyalty program not only attracted more users but also deepened engagement and loyalty, bolstering AXIS’s competitive position in the market.