Antikode Design & Development

We are a UI/UX (user interface / user experience) design & development company. We have helped multiple clients from small medium businesses to big brands from various industry to create their website / mobile apps user experiences from the design & the development.


Conducting in-depth research on users and the competition as well as listening to stakeholders to understand the business objectives.

Wireframing & Prototyping

Explore multiple designs and iterations. Starting from sketches, layouting low-fidelity to high-fidelity wireframes, and producing prototype.

Visual Design

Creating aesthetic mockups by implementing styles from typography, colors, and fonts to achieve the desired look and feel of the product.

Style Guide Creation

Creating design documentation to ensure the developers understand the structure and the styles needed to create the app.


Setting the project scope, scheduling timeline, conducting research to provide broad overview of the whole process.

Web Development

Developing the structure of the website, well-designed front end, user-friendly back end, integration, database system and database integration.


Conducting stressed test on the website, front end and back end system, prior to site launch.


Give intense training on the website environment, exercising our friendly user interface back end and front end page-by-page introduction.


Providing support for feedbacks post site launch. We also provide possibilities to expand the website with additional features.

Antikode mobile development service is coming soon. We're currently assuring that only high quality of service will be given to our clients.


Below are some of the works we crafted over the past few years.

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